The REAL Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight!

(It’s not about calories, exercise or willpower.)

Your Body is a Battlefield – Make Sure You’re on the Winning Side

Welcome! My name is Judy J Lutz. I’m a Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Nutritional Cleansing Expert. If you’re looking for a simple solution for healthy fast weight loss, you’re in the right place! Check out these inspiring weight loss testimonies.

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By the time you finish reading this page, you’ll understand why so many diets fail. If you’re like me, you’ve been beating yourself up because you’ve tried for years to lose weight and it’s just not happening. You know what you need to do and it should be so simple, but it’s not!

The reality is very few people know what I am about to tell you. You’ll be happy to know that it’s not your fault and there is a simple solution. You don’t realize it now, but when you follow my lead you’ll be well on your way to a happier, healthier life in just a few weeks. Don’t wait to get started!

Just imagine being able to go about your normal routine without feeling hungry or deprived. Think about what it would be like to have so much energy you actually want to exercise. You’ll be able to focus on the things that really matter to you, because you’re no longer worried about your declining health. Can you remember the last time you felt absolutely amazing?

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Now, I can almost hear your mind saying: “That’s never going to happen.” Set aside your skepticism for just a few moments and be open to a new way of thinking. Do you remember your first science class? Our cells are dividing at a rate of one billion new cells every minute. That’s how the body rebuilds itself. Now what goes into building these amazing new cells? You probably know the answer: what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe in and even what you think about.

Here’s what you don’t know. The body has a built in defense system to protect itself from harmful toxins. A toxin is basically an impurity which the body is not able to ingest because it’s not an organic substance. We are exposed to toxins every day – in the air, the water we drink, the food we eat and even through our skin. Whatever the body does not recognize as fuel is meant to be filtered out. Unfortunately, our filtration systems are not keeping up.

Scientific Fact: Your body is creating fat to protect itself from toxic overwhelm. You can’t get rid of the fat

until you get rid of the toxins. 

jjl solutions

We live in an increasingly toxic environment, and our immune system is breaking down because of our nutritionally bankrupt food supply.  Obesity is the result. Stress and inflammation are familiar side effects, which lead to chronic disease and disability. (For those of you who want cited references, you can find them here.) Here’s another fun fact for you: Even skinny people have toxic fat, and by the way, being skinny isn’t the same as being healthy! Naturally, you understand that your body is a miraculous, incredibly complex organism designed to heal itself. It’s constantly regenerating new cells. And most people understand that if you eat well, you’ll feel better. I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend towards eating healthier “clean” foods. Organic, gluten free, GMO free, soy free, dairy free is all the rage. 

Are you listening?

(Because this is really good.)

FACT: Organic fruits and vegetables are still corrupted by pesticides and grown in soil that’s been depleted of minerals. Minerals make up 60% of what nutritionists like to call essential nutrients. What does that mean? Absolutely necessary for the body to function. So even if you are eating “clean” my friends, you are not feeding your body what it needs. It’s no wonder so many people are sick. It’s true, you will certainly be better off making your own meals with fresh whole foods, I’m not knocking that in any way, but for busy people this can be very time consuming. How much do you need to eat to get the most out of food today?  ALL of the essential nutrients? About 10,000 calories. DAILY.

Ok hold up! What am I saying here??

Even our fruits and vegetables are nutritionally bankrupt. 

In 1953 UCLA did a study on a plot of farm land in California. They reported that one bVitamin and Mineral Deficiency in Produceowl of spinach gave your body the daily supply of iron and nutrients that it needed. In 1997 UCLA did the same study on the same plot of land. This time they found that 43 bowls of spinach were needed to give your body the daily supply of iron and nutrients. That’s a lot of spinach!!

(Click on the spinach photo for a direct link to Scientific American’s Report.)

The problem is everyone is looking for the answer, and there are plenty of people pouncing on you with the latest and the greatest. It’s impossible to know which programs are effective, which are hype, and which may be unsafe. This is where I can help you. I have done extensive research and it’s kind of interesting because for me, the results came before the research. I stumbled across this nutritional cleansing thing and like everything else, I thought it was worth a try.

Okay, you’re probably thinking you’re different. Get to know me before you judge. We may have a few things in common. Skip down to the video below and see if you can relate. My battle with food began at a very early age, and I’ve had 50 years of experience. (I know you’re saying: “She can’t be 55 years old!”) I have found a company that provides a total body health program, superior to anything else on the market because of it’s un-compromised quality ingredients backed by science, and the results nothing short of dramatic.

Results that Last. Guaranteed.

As you continue skimming through this article, and as your view continues to expand, you’re beginning to think there may be something to this. Perhaps there really is a simple solution. We’re not quite there yet, however, because it has everything to do with what works for you. So what? There’s a way to flood your body with highly concentrated nutrient rich superfoods. Yeah, it makes sense that you’d feel better than ever in a relatively short amount of time.

The Secret to Optimal Health

Remember when I talked about all those toxins? How do you think they are making you feel? Imagine never cleaning out the lint filter in your dryer, it’s kind of like that. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just flush all that out of your system? If you don’t believe you have stored up toxins in your body, watch this.

Don’t let this scare you, but we still haven’t discussed the one thing that sets this program apart from all the others: cellular cleansing. If you were smart you noticed the link above and skipped ahead. Nutritional Cleansing combines the best nutrition with the best science, and if you don’t follow the link right now and learn more about it you’re missing the whole point. Don’t just assume it’s going to be difficult, because I’m all about easy. This is not what you think it is! So take a moment now to click on the link and find some more mind-blowing game changing health information. Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume you’re starting to understand how it’s completely possible for you to:

√ Skyrocket Your Energy

√ Reset Your Metabolism

√ Balance Your Digestion/pH 

√ Reduce Stress

√ Clear Brain Fog

√ Shed Fat

√ Build Muscle

√ Get Healthy

√ Feel Younger

I invite you check out some more links below to get the necessary details about the Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.  This program has been scientifically proven to be MORE EFFECTIVE than the Heart Healthy Diet. Click on the “Science Talks!” photo below to see how we compare.

In a follow up study conducted at Skidmore, the long term study revealed an average weight loss of 25 lbs in 12 weeks with an increase of 9% muscle mass WITHOUT EXERCISE!!!

Here’s a shortcut to all of the studies published so far.

jjl solutions

Wrapping it Up

You will be eating, not dieting, and the food you are providing your body with will change your life. The good news? You really don’t have to make a lot of changes in your normal routine. Seriously, you get to eat real food, I promise! Isagenix has been recognized by the American Society for Nutrition. It’s working not just for me, but for over a half million people just like youHave you noticed yet that there’s a lot of science to back this up? Isagenix spends over $2 million/year on clinical research, quality control, and third party testing. What other health and wellness company can claim this?

So if you are highly motivated to go for it, get in front of the problem and give it everything you’ve got, let me point you in the right direction. Working with me gives you the added advantage of having someone in your corner, celebrating your successes and guiding you every step of the way to reach your ultimate desire: optimal health. (And I can tell you right now it’s way better than you can even imagine.) You will be working one on one with me as your coach, so be sure to browse through this page and click on the links to understand how it all works. Here are a few reviews from some of my “clients.” I use that term loosely because the coaching is free.

Why do you need a coach? Because this incredible health transformation happens very quickly for most, and when I say dramatic change in the way you feel, I really mean it. There’s a few guidelines you’ll need to know about. Quite frankly, if you don’t have a coach, it probably won’t go well for you.

And before you go there I want to make it perfectly clear: this is not something you should be ordering off of Amazon. We’re talking about a powerful health transition which is life changing. You will need the support of the Isagenix family which will welcome you with open arms, because we are all focused on making your experience as easy as it is fun.  You also don’t get the money back guarantee. Oh did I forget to mention that? Let me ask you this, how does it sound to be able to purchase enough healthy food at your favorite grocery store to provide two incredibly nutritious meals a day for the next thirty days, and then if you’re not completely satisfied get your money back, no questions asked?

It sounds like it’s going to be expensive, doesn’t it? Compared to what? First of all, you’ll need to understand what to look for when comparing protein shakes. Read this quick article and you’ll see that you cannot get this kind of quality anywhere else. Isagenix simply has no peers, which is why I recommend it. There’s no faster way to get your body into balance. Let’s just focus on the goal, your health, and apply some common sense. Most people have no idea what they spend on food because they purchase randomly throughout the week. If you were to add up what you are actually spending on a daily basis,  I bet you’re spending more than what it costs to purchase Isagenix. So now you have to choose between the starter pak and the deluxe version. Aren’t you ready for success? Why not jump in and accelerate your results while you’ve got the money back guarantee in your back pocket? That’s what I did and for me it was a no brainer.

Relax, you’re in good hands. Some of the most brilliant scientists, doctors, nutritionists, researchers and biochemists have collaborated together to create a system of products that fulfill your body’s every nutritional need for optimal health. You don’t have to worry about figuring it all out, you just have to follow the plan. We’re going to cover every obstacle, every excuse, and give you every reason to succeed.

SCIENCE TALKS! Proven System for Healthy Fast Weight Loss

Does this sound like something that might possibly work for you?

All of your questions will be answered, so fire away! This is an interactive website created to engage and inspire you to take action now towards better health. Feel free to visit my blog, or just scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave me a comment. I look forward to your feedback, and if you would like to chat with me personally even better! Send me an email and we’ll set aside some time to go over your needs and see if this is something that may work for you. What have you got to lose?

 Would you like to know more?

Click on the photo below and get a feel for this incredible new life that’s waiting for you. When you opt-in, you’ll have access to our Isagenix Look Book, full of amazing stories, transformations and detailed product information as a special bonus. The more you know the more you will love. Do it now while you’re thinking about it. Invest some time in learning about this program, because it’s changing lives. Why not yours?




  1. Wow, this is really awesome – you really did take your time to share all this amazing info with us!

    A very innovative approach to fat loss, yet so refreshingly true. Toxins are indeed everywhere and it’s next to impossible to not be stressed out (unless you are a hermit). That 30 day program seems amazing and a worth try for obese people, no doubt.

    But hey, with supplements being on the rise – what do you think about fat burners?

    • Thanks Simon! Fat Burners sound great but I would not recommend taking anything that does not have legitimate scientific evidence backing it’s claims. There’s a lot of stupid scary stuff out there! You are looking for safe and natural thermogenic ingredients like green tea leaf extract, apple cider vinegar and cayenne.

  2. Hi Judy,
    Really great info here. I lost 100lbs by getting rid of all the junk. It took time and dedication. But well worth it. It’s bad how obese we are as a nation, but with people like you spreading great content, one by one we will help all.

    I haven’t tried Isagenix before, but I know several people who have and love it. I guess I should atleast give it a try.

    Thanks Judy.

    • Billy that is awesome! You are truly an inspiration ~ thanks so much for stopping by the page. The products are guaranteed so really there’s no risk, especially when you’re investing in yourself. Where else can you get 60+ meals, eat them and if not satisfied get your money back?

  3. i use to be feeling pity for those people who use to be saying if a person is skinny is either not feeling well or not eating the right food because those people who use to be saying that did not recognize that being fat is a disease and everything can come

    thanks for the caring heart and for sharing the relevant information that were hard to find by most of the people


  4. That is very interesting. I never considered that the toxins in your body can have a direct effect on weight loss. I did know that certain toxins can effect you mood negatively and that you can take certain supplements to negate them.

    I will have to pass this information along to people who are confused as to why they are not losing weight even though they are adhering to a strict diet.

    Thanks very much for the information.

  5. Hi Judy

    This is very interesting. I never thought toxins were all over and are making you fat. We are so easily exposed to it, I thought genetic modification would be better and that is the reason why it is done.

    Thanks for clearing this up.

    • Thank you Helen. I’m personally very fearful of genetic modification because the food industry is so secretive about it. It began with our corn (88% GMO) and soy (93% GMO) and now it’s in everything. Most people do not know that the modification is all about putting pesticides in the seeds, so that when the insect starts to feed on the plant, it dies. Talk about toxins!!!

  6. Hi Judy!

    Your post is really striking!
    It’s so informative!
    Especially I liked that participants of the program didn’t have to worry about figuring it all out, but just have to follow the plan.
    It’s also important for the people that you are promising to cover every obstacle, every excuse, and give every reason to succeed.

    Thanks, Judy!

    • Yes I do tend to be an over achiever when it comes to paving the way for people, thanks! 😉 I think the most trouble people have is they just don’t have the time or the energy, and they give up before they ever start. I hope to provide a solid foundation for belief that it is possible, that’s where we start. Then the products provide the energy and it’s amazing how quickly people see results ~ within days! Thanks so much for your feedback Zhanua I really appreciate it!

  7. Health and nutrition are very important for weight management. As you have said the depression is the reason many people turn to food. Usually, this food turns into a diet of high fat and cholesterol. I do know this from personal experience during my divorce. The thought of losing my boys along with many things I have worked hard for. I became very depressed and turned to poor eating habits. sometime getting back on track requires a little extra assistance.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Ken. We’ve been taught to feed our emotions from birth and it’s no wonder so many of us turn to food. I’ve just learned that the whole high fat and cholesterol campaign was funded by the sugar industry! Healthy fats are actually great for you (the kind that come from avocados and nuts) as opposed to anything “light” which means it has added chemicals to enhance the flavor. I could go on and on but I’ll spare you! Stand tall and move forward Ken, you’ve got the best days of your life right around the corner. 🙂

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