Best Amino Acid Supplements Review

Why are Essential Amino Acids so Important?

amino acid profileMost people know amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Let’s  explore what that really means. Amino acids are used in every cell of your body to build the protein you need to survive. For a quick description of what amino acids are and how they work go hereThis amino acid supplements review is crucial reading if you are serious about getting more quality protein in your diet. 

The tip I’d like to share with you is how to determine if your amino acid supplement is any good. It has to do with how your body absorbs the protein. The basic digestive process is obvious – you eat a piece of chicken, and it’s broken down into it’s component parts so that it can be redistributed to various parts of the body.

Proteins are made of chains of amino acids – separated by a hydrogen atom. Think of a pearl necklace – the pearls are the amino acids and in between each pearl is a smaller bead of hydrogen. When protein is heated above 118 degrees the structure is altered, which results in loss of nutrients. It becomes “denatured,” which means the live active enzymes which help the body break down the protein have been destroyed. The hydrogen atoms which separated the pearls are no longer present, so the amino acids clump together, changing from a liquid to a solid state. It’s much harder for you body to to break down denatured protein.

Leaky Gut Syndrome, which is when the undigested protein pokes holes in your small intestine and floats around in your bloodstream is just one problem that may occur. The other problem is that the body treats the undigested protein as if it were a foreign invader, and the immune system is triggered. This is proven science – after eating cooked proteins a blood test will show an elevation of white blood cells. Now the body has a way of sorting this all out, so I’m not saying don’t ever eat a piece of cooked chicken. I am saying that if you are interested in a protein supplement, look closely at the label and make sure the protein is undenatured. That means it was processed without heat and the nutrients and enzymes are intact. Otherwise its a waste of your time – that protein powder you use in your smoothie is doing more harm than good. How important is all of this really? That’s up to you.

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