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Hello and thanks for stopping by ~ my name is Judy Lutz, I’m an Nutritional Cleansing Expert, Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Network Marketing Professional. What does this mean? I like feeling good, being healthy and making money from the comfort of my home. Obviously, you’re here to learn about a fabulous full body cleansing detoxification drink, so we’ll get right to it, because it’s exactly that and it changed my life.

The drink I’m talking about is part of a system of products that nourish and replenish your body on a cellular level. They work together synergistically, but this drink, which is called Cleanse for Life, is the game changer. It’s what sets our company apart from all of the others.

You see this drink was crafted by a master formulator, John Anderson. Most of the people that make supplements work for 2-3 companies over their career. Well, John here designed the product lines for over 600 companies. What does that tell you? (Yes, he pretty much made all of the supplements ~ the good ones, anyway.) Why was he so good? Because John traveled all over the world, researching different cultures: tribes of people that were living longer, healthier lives, and he studied their diet. He came back with the best sources for the purest, most potent nutrients on the planet. 

Unfortunately, most companies are in business to make a profit, and John had no control over the final product. So they would cheapen the ingredients, add fillers and cut corners. You know those huge canisters of protein powder you see at Walmart? Do you think that’s all protein? What kind of protein from what source? You can do your own research there if you really want to know. You see, I’m the type of person who googles every ingredient. Go ahead, check that big canister and google the list of ingredients. Look for “cellulose gum” aka wood pulp.

It’s all about making money folks, until one day, John was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Have you heard of these? Their venom is so toxic it eats away at the flesh. John was in his 60’s and became very ill. He was in and out of the hospital over the course of a year, and I think he had 9 different surgeries on his foot. They installed a pic line and blasted him with heavy duty antibiotics, but still, it got into his bloodstream and caused havoc to the rest of his body. He developed Diabetes, began to lose his eyesight and eventually his kidneys started to shut down. At this point, the doctors came into his hospital room to tell him they had run out of options, and in order to keep him alive, they would have to amputate his foot.

That’s where John drew the line. He checked himself out of the hospital because he had another idea. It was to provide his body with the nourishment it needed to naturally detoxify itself, the way it was designed to. What happened next will surprise you! John traveled to the top of the Himalayan mountains with an IV and an aide, who’s job was to make sure his body made it back to the US if he didn’t survive the trip.  He had to get a very rare earth element called shilajit. This is one of those unique ingredients he knew about from all of his global connections, and thankfully he was able to retrieve it and return home. (It takes more than one miracle nutrient, by the way.) John used a combination of over 200 superfood ingredients, using only the best from all over the world, because he’s not cutting corners when his life is at stake! This is what it takes to make what I am calling a fabulous full body cleansing detoxification drink, and there is nothing like it. Nothing even comes close.

Now I’m not allowed to say that this drink will heal or cure any disease because it doesn’t. It’s just food. But it’s the highest quality premium nutrition available, and when you provide your body with the right stuff, it can do some pretty amazing things. John saved his foot, his Diabetes vanished along with 60 lbs of fat, and his eyesight returned. He did eventually lose a kidney, but I think he looks pretty good, don’t you?

This is how Isagenix began, and even though John had plenty of money and was about to enjoy his retirement, he felt a moral responsibility to share his gift with the world.  

Fifteen years later, he still works very hard to create new products, constantly improving them and ALWAYS sticking to his no compromise policy. All of the ingredients that make up the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System are sourced from only the best ingredients in all the world. There are no fillers, no artificial ingredients, no stimulants, no soy protein, only a few products contain gluten, no GMO’s, and processed in a way that preserves the living raw enzymes that come from whole foods. Dairy-free options too!

Please note: These products are not labeled organic because the funny thing is, it’s only in the US where this is a distinguishing factor. Most other countries don’t need an organic label because they don’t smother their produce in pesticides, and a lot of this stuff comes from outside of the US. In fact, John holds his products to a higher standard, exceeding organic requirements because he also tests for microbial organisms, bacteria and heavy metals. Remember, lots of organic farms use manure! There’s a great little video you can watch that explains their science and safety practices.

If you are looking for a safe weight loss program, or more clearly stated a healthy lifestyle program, please take some time to check out our unique nutritional cleansing system. Basically, what I do is show you how to rebuild your body from the inside out by eating healthy, nutrient dense low calorie fast food. We have the  highest quality supplements, vitamins and the truly the best cleansing system on the planet. Yes, you can get fit, burn fat, increase your energy and feel younger without dieting or exercise. It happened to me ~ I lost 15 lbs of toxic fat in 3 weeks. I did not exercise and I’m pretty sure I cheated every day. I know, it sounds ridiculous.

Isagenix is backed by solid scientific clinical research.  Two prestigious, high-profile publications, Nutrition & Metabolism and Nutrition Journalhave now published the results from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)’s clinical study providing evidence that Isagenix products are superior to the highly recognized “Heart Healthy Diet” plan for weight loss and visceral fat  loss. Intermittent fasting is basically a two day full body cleanse with nutritional support, so that you’re not starving your body, you’re just burning fat.

As an Isagenix Independent Associate, I am partnered with the world’s fastest growing health and wellness company, backed by a team of medical professionals who are on the cutting edge of the latest nutritional scientific technology. Contact me now by clicking here for more information.   Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people just like you are jumping into a healthier lifestyle and loving the RESULTS they see. Check it out!

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Judy Lutz
Hi! I’m Judy, a Nutritional Cleansing Expert and Healthy Lifestyle Coach helping busy people lose fat, build muscle, get healthy and feel younger with a simple system that does not require dieting or exercise. I’ll show you how to rebuild your body from the inside out for lasting success and optimal health. Contact me directly for a free coaching session: judy@jjlsolutions.com

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