Coaching is all about teaching you to believe in yourself, and then giving you the tools to run with.

Here’s what to expect

It’s got to be simple, and it’s got to be fun! (Otherwise you’ll never stick with it.) Be honest now, how many times have you tried something new? It’s really exciting in the beginning, but then your enthusiasm dies soon after, right? Why does that happen? Because it’s no fun forcing yourself to change. Change is hard because your mind and body are programmed to keep things the same. It’s biological, in fact, and if you suffer from constant self-defeating behavior guess what? You’re just like me, and there’s a fantastic tool from Isagenix that will help you get over that.  I am here as your coach to make sure you enjoy your transformation. As you get used to eating well with the help of this extremely potent and powerful clean nutrition,  you will see the results, and that’s what will keep you going. Also, I don’t believe in diets. I believe we should all be able to eat whatever we want to. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


Nutritional Cleansing is kind of like remodeling your kitchen. First you’ve got to clean out all of the garbage you’ve been collecting for years, sort through and get rid of the items you really don’t use, and then re-organize the usable stuff. Then we’re going to go to work making a great big mess, ripping out the cabinets and appliances, and pretty much gutting the place. Ugh. But then, it’s starts to get exciting again because you have a nice clean space.  You can hit the reset button and  pick out brand new appliances! Imagine how pretty the granite countertop will look with your upgraded cabinets. That feeling of anticipation is what I want you to hold on to, because we’re going to do the same thing with your body. Only we’re not just working on the kitchen, we’re going to gut and rebuild the whole house. It will take some time. If you do this right and trust the process, I guarantee you’ll be extremely satisfied with the results.

Judy J Lutz Team IsagenixThe reason why I love coaching so much is because I’ve witnessed some amazing transformations. I’m here to get you all the way through to that beautiful finished designer home, the one you’ve been dreaming about. You see, when you give your body everything it needs it goes to work fixing itself, and since everyone is in a different physical state when they start, it’s pretty hard to tell how long it will take. So let’s set some realistic expectations. This is not the Hollywood Diet. You’re not going to look like a supermodel within weeks. It takes time for the body to adapt to change, and once it aligns with itself you’ll start to look and feel better. The first step is to undo the damage and replenish the cells with vital nutrients. This process is very important, and your body is calling the shots. It’s going to fix the important things first, like your digestion. That makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re not absorbing nutrients, you’re not making use of all the great premium fuel you’re putting in. Pretty smart, body.

The tools we use to measure your progress do not include the scale!  You see, it’s been scientifically proven that this program burns fat and builds muscle at the same time, even without exercise. They tested people who were sedentary and what they found was absolutely amazing. The average weight loss over a 12 week period was 25 lbs. That really doesn’t seem like a lot until compare muscle mass to fat mass. In this study, the participants gained 9% lean tissue (more muscle, stronger bones, etc.) while eliminating 20% of their fat. Did you catch the part where they didn’t exercise?

Look at the difference between 5 lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of fat in this photo. Fat takes up waaay more space. Burning fat makes you lose weight, building muscle makes you gain weight. Sometimes it’s a wash and you stay at exactly the same weight but then you’ve also dropped 3 sizes. Don’t measure your progress by the number on the scale! This is a tough one, I know. Mindset is everything and changing the way you think about something is also part of the program. The scale does not determine your worth. It will mess with you. Don’t give it any power.

Photos are a must, and no matter how much you do not want to see your “before” shot right now, trust me you’ll be ecstatic when you compare it with your “after” shot. There are some other benefits you’ll probably notice rather quickly. Within a week or two someone will tell you your skin is glowing, or your face looks thinner. Trust me, people are going to notice the change in you. What we’ll be paying attention to is how your clothes feel, how much energy you have, how much more alert you are, and how you seem to handle stress a lot better. These are subtle differences and most people ignore them because it’s all about the scale. Train yourself to tune in to these changes.  You will also experience some “off” days. These are detox symptoms and once you clean out these impurities you’ll feel oh so refreshed.  Any time you don’t feel right, you give your coach a call because that’s what I’m here for. I will help you through the discomfort. It’s all a part of the process. You’ve got to get through that stage in order for your body to recover, and for some it’s smooth sailing. For others not so much every now and then but that’s okay! Isn’t it better to be rid of it for good, right?

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I work with people who are tired of sabotaging themselves and want to be free from their unhealthy habits.  If you are willing to learn, open to change, and ready to take action, you’re in the right place. This system works. The only thing in question is your willingness to follow the directions. I will work with you at your pace but let me tell you something, it’s a heck of a lot easier if you jump in and commit. I really care about my clients and I will go the distance with you, giving you everything I’ve got, but it won’t work if I care more about your well being than you do. I expect you to communicate with me so that I can help you. And if you need some extra incentive, let’s talk to some of your friends and create a personal support group. When you introduce this program to others you can get your products paid for. That’s right, you can get paid to get healthy and help others do the same because Isagenix does not spend any money on marketing costs, instead they reward their customers with extremely generous referral bonuses.  You can find out more here

Don’t worry about changing everything all at once. When you work with me, you’ll only be making  slight course corrections that are easy to implement into your normal routine. That’s why I’m such a great coach! I get to know you first, and we go from there. I do expect some resistance when I introduce  a few new ideas that you simply won’t believe. That’s because they pretty much go against everything you’ve been told. I’m kind of a rebel that way, I have done a tremendous amount of research and it’s paid off big time. The real proof is going to be in how you feel when it works.  If you stick with me it will be easier than you’d expect, I promise. I’m pretty flexible so don’t worry, it’s not like your opinion doesn’t count. Just remember I’ve done this, and I was exactly where you are right now. 

Also, it’s not just me coaching you! You’ll be a part of our Isagenix family. We are an incredibly supportive community. Let me know if you want a taste of this before you get started and I’ll introduce you to our very special Facebook group where you can see it for yourself, ask questions and be inspired!

One more thing, if you’re heart’s not really in this, I encourage you to wait. Don’t just do a partial attempt. Believe me, there are tons of people who just want the shakes or the cleanse. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a system. You need all of the components to get the results you’re looking for. Wait until you decide to get serious.   Your heart is speaking to you, telling you it’s not cool to be miserable and stuck and you deserve to feel good in your body.  Don’t let your mind talk you out of it.  If you’re still trying to justify the investment in yourself, then you just don’t see the value.  We take care of the things we love most, so the first step is to look into the mirror and see that extraordinary, unique and beautiful human being that you are. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You can do this.

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Are you worth making the changes now that will affect you for the rest of your life? What is it you’ve been struggling with? How long has it been going on, and how is it affecting your life and the lives of those that love you? Are you facing a future dependent on expensive medications that do nothing to solve the problem, only to ease the suffering?  It’s a simple decision. Take care of it now or pay for it later. Start by sending me an email and we’ll go from there. I want to get to know you. I want to know why it’s important to you and what your ideal future self really looks like. Go ahead, it’s just an email. I want to help you, but you have to take the first step. I look forward to hearing from you!

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