Does Beer Contain Gluten?

does beer contain blutenWhat exactly is gluten and why is everyone so concerned about it? (And most importantly does BEER contain gluten?) Gluten is a protein found in grains, the most common is wheat. When you mix flour with water it becomes “gluey” right? Gluten makes the dough elastic, which helps the bread rise because it’s trapping the gas molecules inside. It also makes the bread more chewy and satisfying. If you have Celiac disease, the body identifies the gluten as a foreign invader and “attacks” this protein as well as certain structures in the gut lining. There’s another common autoimmune disease called Leaky Gut Syndrome. An adverse reaction to gluten may also make other common diseases worse. Some people just have a gluten sensitivity, which has a number of symptoms. Try eliminating gluten for a week – if you feel better than make it a habit! Be sure to check the ingredients label and choose gluten free whenever possible. So I’m sure you’re still wondering, does beer contain gluten? Beer is made generally from malted barley or wheat, so the answer is yes, beer contains gluten. Sorry I had to be the one to tell ya ~

does beer contain gluten

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