Have You Tried Eating Less, Exercising More and Not Losing Weight?

exercising more and not losing weight

Sounds a little off, don’t you think? But it was meant to be written that way. Read it again: Have you tried eating less (yes!) exercising more (yes!) and not losing weight? (yes!) Of course you have because that’s what we all do.  We’ve all done it because it’s what we’ve all been told: eat less, move more.

NEWSFLASH: It doesn’t work!

Eating less, exercising more and not losing weight is exactly what will happen every time. Why do we continue to try it? Because that’s what everyone agrees on. It has to be right. Sure, it may work temporarily, but prepare for the rebound! Anyone who has done this time after time after time should know this, and should start looking for a better solution. I’m here to help you understand exactly why it doesn’t work so that you can break this silly habit and flawed thinking. Just because everybody thinks it works is not a good enough reason to continue doing the same thing over and over and over again. Here’s a quick video that will explain the first part of the equation, and that is the difference between burning calories and burning fat. Hopefully it will convince you that there is a better way.

Would you like to know how to effectively burn fat and keep the weight off permanently? EAT. It’s not about counting calories, it’s about giving your body the right fuel so that it can effectively metabolize fat. Think about it, your body is perfectly designed to protect itself, heal itself, rejuvenate itself and thrive. What’s the only thing it requires? NUTRIENTS. More specifically, essential nutrients.

Essential meaning absolutely necessary for the body to function because it cannot create these nutrients on its own. It has to get them from your diet. Do you know how many essential nutrients the body needs daily? There are 90, and 60 of them are trace minerals. Here’s an interesting fact: your body is regenerating a billion new cells every minute. (That’s why you need the food, so that these new cells can be created.) The cells are constantly dividing and duplicating at a massive rate. A billion new cells every minute. Do you know how long it would take you to count to a billion? 33 years!

So here’s the reality folks, what happens when you don’t get all of those required essential nutrients? Your body has to break itself down to compensate. Think about it, if you’re not getting enough calcium, where does the body store calcium? (In your bones.) You’ve heard of osteoporosis, right? When you don’t get enough protein, the body has to break down muscle. Your heart is a muscle. So now it should make perfect sense how the body operates, right? It is a biological fact that when you cut calories and therefore nutrients, the body goes into starvation mode. It stresses out big time, and in order to keep you alive it holds onto it’s reserved energy storage. That would be your fat.

exercising more and not losing weight

Hopefully this simple logic made sense to you. So what the solution? Eating more? Not really, that would be too easy for those of us that love to eat! Eating better, of course. However, there is still the problem of not getting enough essential nutrients. You see, even if you’re eating 10 servings of organic fruits and vegetables daily, it’s still not enough. How can that be? If you really want to know, I’ve put together another video which explains it all. Now, this is my 25 minute presentation which I share to those who want to learn, so if that’s not you and you’d like to stick to the status quo, go right ahead. Like I said earlier, I’m not one to keep doing the same thing over and over again. If you are interested, please contact me via email and I’ll send it to you. Thanks!

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Judy Lutz
Hi! I’m Judy, a Nutritional Cleansing Expert and Healthy Lifestyle Coach helping busy people lose fat, build muscle, get healthy and feel younger with a simple system that does not require dieting or exercise. I’ll show you how to rebuild your body from the inside out for lasting success and optimal health. Contact me directly for a free coaching session: judy@jjlsolutions.com

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