heidi-mJudy, Thank you for the personal care you gave our family as we started Isagenix. I so appreciated that you first listened, and second asked questions for clarification. Never once did we feel like you were trying to sell us a product. You were more concerned with improving our health. Isagenix is a great product and it can sell itself, but you made me want to TEAM UP with you and tackle this together. The support you gave us was so helpful in those beginning days. I genuinely appreciated that you would find an answer when you didn't know it then. I enjoyed your notes of encouragement. I felt honored that you were real with sharing your own weight loss struggles with me. I am thankful for the friendship that came so easily, not because I was purchasing something but because you are a genuinely awesome person who it is easy to befriend! Thank you for making time to walk this journey with us. Your spunk and enthusiasm and Joy for life are contagious and make it an absolute joy walking through life together.
Patty AFabulous health coach! Judy has great knowledge and a willingness to share that knowledge with you. She is dedicated to motivating her clients and has excellent personal success. She makes herself available to her clients with the simple goal of helping you to achieve success. Patty A.
Kim BI have loved working with Judy. Super knowledgeable and always willing to help! Kim B.
Sherry SJudy has unbelievable product knowledge and goes above and beyond when helping you. She wastes no time in getting you what you need and keeping you motivated every step of the way! Sherry S.
Michelle DCJudy is a wonderful lady - she has such a happy personality! She loves helping people doing whatever she can. She is friendly, answers all questions effortlessly, and is very detailed and thorough. She introduced me to a new healthy lifestyle change that I cannot thank her enough for! Michelle D.
Pattie MOnce I decided it was time for me to make a healthy lifestyle change, Judy was there every step of the way! She provided guidance to get me on the right plan for me. She is always there with encouragement and motivation. She's the best cheerleader for your successes!! Judy is simply amazing. There is no one more genuine and caring! Pattie M.
angela-mJudy is indeed very inspirational. Her joy, her energy, her genuineness, and commitment to help others succeed is a winning combination! Angela M.
theresa-lJudy has spent countless hours researching not only the Isagenix products but the best ways to use them and get healthy. Thanks to her knowledge and encouragement I am on my way to a happy and healthier me!! If there is something she does not know off hand she will research it till she does. She has been a great coach and more importantly a true friend!! I highly recommend her as a fitness coach. Theresa L.
kelly-dWorking with Judy is a pleasure! She has assisted me in shedding unwanted pounds, getting healthy and feeling better than I have in years. I highly recommend Judy! Kelly D.
wendy-cJudy is a great coach. Isagenix is a great product, but Judy shows you how to get the most out of it. I have more energy now than I've had in years. So glad I did this! Wendy C.
donna-cJudy is awesome!! She's very knowledgeable about nutrition and wellness. While Isagenix is a great product, Judy is the key to its success. She provides guidance on the use, encouragement and support when needed, and great nutritional ideas. I feel so much better using Isagenix and with Judy's help and ideas, I think clearer, am more focused, have a better memory and have more energy. I highly recommend Judy as a health and wellness consultant. Donna C.
mary-lou-mJudy's incredible, and I would highly recommend her. She worked with me to outline a personal health plan based on my medical history and personal goals. Judy is very knowledgeable about nutrition and the science behind it. She explained how to fuel my body, to help it work at it's maximum capacity, and how to achieve my goals. I am losing weight, building strong lean muscles and eating well. I am now feeling more focused, energized and healthier than I've ever been. I am very impressed with Judy and would highly recommend JJL Solutions!! Mary Lou M.
chrissy-jI love working with Judy. She is very professional, patient and knowledgable. During my phone consultation, Judy reviewed my health challenges and goals with me. She then outlined a plan to help me achieve these goals. Within a very short time I regained my energy, lost the weight, and went from a size 13 to a size 5. I highly recommend the services of JJL Solutions For Better Health. Chrissy J.
garrett-lJudy is more knowledgeable than most doctors I've spoken with regarding nutrition and healthy weight loss advice. The information she provides explains why diets don't work. I had a very easy time adapting to her system because I was still able to enjoy the foods I love (in moderation!) She inspires me daily to continue on my weight loss trek. Garrett L.
lisa-oIn an attempt to feel better, more vibrant and healthy I discovered JJL Solutions for better Health and Isagenix products. This is not another diet program, but a program to live a overall healthier lifestyle, to feel more energetic and healthy. I'm not easily convinced but there is a lot of research and scientific study behind this. Judy goes above and beyond to help on your journey to a healthier you. There is also a lot of information and support of from other users readily available. I recommend Judy's services and these products to anyone who want to feel better, have more energy and fight the effects of aging. Bravo Judy, your doing so much to help others! Lisa O.

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Nothing says “This Works” like the words of satisfied customers…But these customers are also willing to add their faces, I guess that means “This Works Great”! What a great resource! I’ll be back to find out how they did it!


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