Weight Loss Goal Planner

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If you are looking for a weight loss goal planner,

take a good look in the mirror

– it’s you!

3 Simple Steps to Setting Goals 

#1.  You know you don’t want to be where you are right now. Take a look at how you got here                        by answering the questions below. You are your own best weight loss goal planner.

How long have you been dissatisfied with yourself?

Was there an event that triggered bad habits?

Have you honestly made the effort to change or are you just thinking about it?

What have you tried before that didn’t work? 

What made you decide to finally take action? 

Are you prepared to give it all you’ve got for 30 days?

What distractions will you face?

What’s your game plan for when those distractions come up again?

Who do you know that will support you?

Do you have a buddy with similar goals that you can team up with?

#2. Imagine the perfect you. (Don’t skip this step, it’s really important!)

How does it feel to be at your goal weight?

How do you feel about yourself now you have accomplished your goal?

What are the rewards?

Who else is noticing the new you?

What specific challenges have you overcome?

#3. Create your mantra or affirmation. (see mine below)


The truth hurts, but it’s time you faced it.

No one else is responsible for your progress – only you.

Start by accepting yourself. It’s okay, it really is! You are worthy and valuable.

Get on the scale no matter how bad it makes you feel,  take your measurements and a picture. Trust me, it’s really fun to look at afterwards.

Understand that you are going to be uncomfortable, and that being ok with that is part of the process. Change is always hard. This is the point where you say yes to yourself and become the strong person that you are.

You can’t be the old you and the new you at the same time. Your heart tells you what you want, and the disappointment will continue unless you pay attention and make this a priority. Decide to care about yourself. We take care of the things that we love most.

Keep a positive attitude no matter what happens. Be proud of yourself, this is not easy!

Ask for help when you need it.

Keep the goal visible at all times with photos or notes to self posted where you will see them often.

Don’t be influenced by other people who may not have your best interest in mind. You are in charge of your energy, your knowledge, how you spend your time, your mood and your beliefs.

The easy part is the system. It is very simple to follow and incorporate into your routine.

(You’ve just done the hard part.)


Are you ready


Judy Lutz
Hi! I’m Judy, a Nutritional Cleansing Expert and Healthy Lifestyle Coach helping busy people lose fat, build muscle, get healthy and feel younger with a simple system that does not require dieting or exercise. I’ll show you how to rebuild your body from the inside out for lasting success and optimal health. Contact me directly for a free coaching session: judy@jjlsolutions.com

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  1. I like how almost everything is in second person, really gets the feeling that a motivational speaker is talking to me right now.

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